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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  July 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. big storm tonight and big humidity. we will talk about what we are tracking on the radar coming up. >> have you seen this man? police are looking for him tonight. we have pictures of the man police say kidnapped a legend's mom. >> how money from taxes for casinos could help your children. >> thank you. love you. >> those words carry so much meaning. who jerry sandusky said them to before the accusations happened. >> outside right now. take a look at scheme putting on a show for us. lots of lightning. >> lots of thunder and then the wind and then it started raining. . >> massive outages, 6100 here. can't see us right now. no power. should we face a sleepless night? >> wyatt has a look at the
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forecast. >> we have been tracking big storm line all evening and are starting to see most of it over the chesapeake so the eastern shore still have to watch the storms but we are starting to see improvement on the western shore shore. let's look at the radar. detailed look where the storms are. you can see them tracking to the east. we are getting clearing around baltimore and townsend. . back down through the extreme eastern edge of baltimore. now moving over the chesapeake, perryville starting to clear. the heaviest rain now going to concentrate from cecil south into kent. we are already seeing good improvement. we have seen the continuation of flash flood warnings across hartford, baltimore and carroll because of the extremely heavy rain that fell in such a short period of time. the run off will happen through about 2:00 a.m. to finish. low lying areas, be careful with flash flooding.
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also severe thunderstorm watch being reduced by the national weather service, another positive sign overnight still thunderstorms for the next hour or two, especially northern del marva . >> thank you. and now the very latest on the kidnapping of vi ripkin. she continues to rest while the rest of us try to find that kidnapping suspect. >> all over the internet and tv. let's put the picture out ben. this is the man that the police want to talk to and for the kidnapping of the 71-year-old mother of a hall of famer right out of her garage. police say he tied her up, blind folded her and took her on a midnight ride in this car finally ending up back near her place yesterday morning. >> i don't know. it just seems like somebody who was probably there and knew them. i don't think it was random. >> i don't think they knew what they were doing. they are off their rocker. >> police won't give a motive
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but say it's strange he didn't demand money and they won't say if he has ties to the family. one man said this isn't just the talk of aberdeen, it's the talk of the country. now we want to know what you think. what is your idea on the mom's kidnapping? join us on facebook. >> new, if you could change your child's school what could you do about it? would you fix up the outside or make the best around the school with programs inside? >> tomorrow the governor expects to announce a special session to talk about expanding gambling. roosevelt talked to pant parents. >> reporter: there is a lot they would like to see inside the schools and we will take to you a program in the city that fills a gap in the better waverly neighborhood, art and music restricted or not there
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in some schools, programs that folks say make going to school for some worthwhile. a hot night for really cool art. 901 art is run on a shoe string through a hot of volunteers, students, volunteers a wonderful landlord and people from the community they create something special here. the dig summer project has been to paint storm drains to remind people about keeping the area clean. it provides outlets for people looking for something positive. >> there needs to be art and music in every school in baltimore city. not only that, everybody doesn't have a space to do this after school thing and -- the doors need to stay hope in the school schools. >> not every school is open late and many don't have art or music as a regular part of the day. some have limited classes, others have nonef. you can draw like this, being creative is a big deal. >> art is anything that expresses just who you are,
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what do you do. anything. everything. they need more but ain't have it. >> reporter: programs like this fill the art gap that many schools can't fill because of funding. money from gamblelling is supposed to help as the state thinks about what to do with it in maryland people here want good art and creative kids. you need to start by growing creatist. >> social studies, art, just -- more field trips when i was going to school i went on trips. you know places. to learn more. more things, just engage them more. give them a life as far as more experience. >> reporter: if you really want to see what the art dear sir do to children and what helps them go you can go in the neighborhood. they painted the storm drains,
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adding beauty. abc 2news. >> thank you. new tonight we have learned more about the suspect being called the serial infector. the man at the center of the hepatitis c outbreak was fired from one of the hospitals where he worked. he worked in hospitals maryland arizona from 2007 to 2011. he is a accused of infecting people with hepatitis. he was charged with causing an outbreak in new hampshire about a week ago. tonight we have learned he was fired in arizona after being seen with drugs he wasn't authorized to give. now health officials seven from seven states are trying to identity patient who may have been infected. >> we want to err on the side of caution to go head and test awful the people who may have been exposed. >> also, a class action lawsuit has been filed against the staffing agency that placed him in positions at various
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hospitals. >> all right. a county beats baltimore to fill it's chief of police, barry tolliver. he is the new chief of police, he held the same position back in the late 90's. he was the superintendent of state police also. he starts july 31st. >> another piece tonight from the sandusky sex abuse puzzle turned up today. two attorneys in state college say they have identified one of his victims, known as victim number two. we are hearing sandusky in voicemails also that he left for the victim before his arrest. elizabeth says what he said. >> just calling to see -- i know you have any interest in going to the penn state game this saturday. >> reporter: two attorneys say that recording comes from a series of voicemails the former penn state coach jerry sandusky left for a victim in september
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of 2011, two months before the arrest. they say they have identified the person previously known as victim number 2 who was seen in a locker room shower with sandusky ten years early. er. the attorneys for the victim allege the advise mails were sandusky's attempts to maintain control over his victims. >> give me a call and i hope to talk to you later. thank you, love you. >> reporter: the attorneys plan to file a civil suit against penn state. earlier this month an investigation found top university officials concealed the allegations against sandusky to avoid bad press. he was convicted on 45 counts of abuse involving ten victims. he is in jail awaiting sentencing. >> new, a stabbing at a post
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office creates quite a scare. witnesses say a fight started between two men when one of them accused the other of jumping ahead of him in line much the fight got worse and one man pulled out a life. a postal worker armed with a spray can came from behind the counter. >> spraying pepper spray on them and one of the guy fell down on the ground. it was scary. that -- in the post office somebody with a knife in the post office is crazy. >> the suspect did take off but he didn't get far when police pulled him over his eyes were still stinging from the pepper spray. >> a crack down on synthetic drugs took place in dozens of states. baltimore was one of 109 cities raided as part of the operation. appearings found k2, spice, bath salts, we have been warning you about them for months. they have can devastating effects on the young and they can get them without much effort. getting him at smoke shops and gas stations and convenience
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stores. >> sold in real looking packaging, they are marketed directly to teens and to young adults with benign and catchy titles. >> the dea said as many as 5 million packets were taken off the street as part of this round of raids. >> imagine loaning a good paying job without much effort. then think of find that job without four years of college. >> john works for you tonight, telling us something about 50,000-dollar jobs that they don't require a degree. >> reporter: a college degree is getting more expense eve every year and no longer promises a high paying job mean that students can now spend decades, paying off their loans. that is why you may be interested in this. good paying job that don't require a degree. we have all heard the horror stories of huge college debt. few jobs upon graduation, so
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two decided to study nursing at a technical college. >> compared to some of the other community colleges and some of -- it's a huge, huge difference as thousands of dollars. >> reporter: community colleges and trade schools may not have the pr estige but they are turning out graduates finding good jobs. >> great jobs. >> reporter: harry is work force development director at a vocational school. he said they should consider them because there is a lot of demand for them. >> last week we had people that started work and they were making $23 an our. >> reporter: that's $46,000 a year. harry walked me through the diesel engine repair class. >> $40,000 a year. you get in overtime and you can make 60,000.
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>> reporter: $60,000 a year, no college degree. you need just a year of school for less than 9,000. air conditioning. >> great jobs right now. they are looking for tech as we speak. >> reporter: average starting salary 35,000 and you can work up to 50 grand in a few years. cnn lists a number of 50,000- dollar job that don't need a degree. in addition to heating, air conditioning and diesel maintenance it includes dental hygeine, nursing, radiation therapy, police, firefighting and emt work, truck driving, elevator repair, auto body repair and air traffic controller. these two are studying to be emta. >> lot cheaper than going to a four year college. >> reporter: thrilled to be able to help others and not have huge college debt. most good paying jobs require a degree or several years of training. you can't just graduate high school and land a job as a plumber or air traffic
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controller but if you are willing to take the training you could have a good future ahead of you u you don't wastey money. >> maybe not a degree but some extra schooling. five-years ago he was a rookie with the ravens and now is a rookie again i guess. >> rookie dad. he talks about taking snaps at father hood. >> weather wise, the strong storms out there tonight but the beginning to push out into the northeast. talk about when they clear and what the weather looks like for friday. >> and an investigation gets results, how a report you saw on our air has led to a very big suv recall, the news comes right back in one minute.
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. number five had number one last month. ravens quarterback and his wife delivered an eight pound baby boy. >> for all of you who wonder fire department he changes his play at the line of scrimmage no he doesn't change diapers at
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home. >> i'm not doing diaper changing. so --. >> reporter: the best quarterback they have had comes into this camp a rookie dad. >> it was different leaving home this time. >> reporter: joe are you reading the defense from the bass net when steven starts to blitz a balling at four? >> hasn't been bad. my wife is doing a great job. i have been sleeping. unless he cries to long and i wake up. i try not to let anybody know i woke up. >> reporter: dad feels it's easy to go to the six are you receiver. >> when i'm home and -- you know with my wife and he is a round i'm useless. i have -- i have nothing he wants. he is crying, honey, here you go. that's my job right now. >> last one. >> reporter: the goal is come
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february they will host the trophy and son at same time. >> it's great. the day they -- he came changed my life. >> joe, his life is changed. >> reporter: we are two weeks from the first pre-season game in atlanta and it'll be on the air, abc2 starting early thursday, august 9th and pregame shows leading up to kickoff, atlanta against the ravens. >> time to dine out baltimore. the restaurant week kicks off tomorrow. with you find three course dinner menus for $30.12. it runs through august 5th. that's next sunday. you want to check out the list of the restaurants and the menus and the bargins, head to the website at abc >> all right. big story now. nearly a half million ford escapes recalled for an issue we have been exposing in a series of reports for months. >> joe has the very latest involving this major
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development tonight. > er. >> reporter: it came less than two weeks after regulators started investigating more than 700,000 fords capes. ford is recalling nearly a half million 2001 to 2004v6 escapes for possible stuck throttle problem. we found incidents going back seven years. the investigator was there when an inspector said he found the same thing under the hood of sage bloom's car, she died after her car went out of control and crashed. that started our investigation. today in phoenix the head of the safety commission said recalls won't stop their investigation. >> we continue to monitor and if we find the remedy isn't good enough we will ask for something different. . >> reporter: they have not ruled out other actions involving ford like if the recall came in a timely matter.
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while some applauded the investigation in to the issue, some don't think ford's fix does enough. clarence is with the center for auto safety in washington . not fixing the cruise control cable. . >> reporter: ford said they will raise the engine cover so the cable doesn't stick under it but some say that speed control cable itself is the problem and needs to be replaced. >> they are trying to avoid several penalty being imposed by the ntsb. for not recalling the vehicles in 2005. >> reporter: he is pushing them to fine ford for not issuing the recall in 2005 when he said this document shows that they knew about it. >> and joe reporting. if you have one of these, ford said you need to act right now, take it to a ford dealer, you can go to the website with more on how to drive the cars until the issue is fixed. just over over the news tab and click on the investigator's
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link. >> now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> tomorrows rumbling through charm city. heavy rain, heat, baltimore, yeah, gully washer on the eastside. i'm going to cool off. be careful of the lightning. you don't want to be caught in that. one of the things we watch for. you can see the skies starting to clear over hartford as we see the storm leaving over the northern part of the chesapeake. central kent on the shore. you are getting the roughest weather in the state. the current set of flash flood concerns, we are talking act
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baltimore county, cecil if we can go to the warning map, these are the flash flood concerns, bat more, carroll, and hartford. show you the rough weather as it develop, in out of the west. we captured it, big storms through frost bug earlier tonight and they were on their way to carroll next. look at this storm structure as it moves over mount eerie and we get lightening in the night sky and belaire you have the big downpour here in the last hour or two in particular and then we get wild lightening in the sky. wild weather. needed rain, in cases to much to fast. we don't like that. current conditions right now at the airport, 76 degrees, winds are northeast of these storms have cooled us off. from from the high today that was 97 degrees. what a change, 24 hours make. storms blowing out now. new cluster out in western -- west virginia will dive south i
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think and miss us. asset impact of the storms tonight. it's come through from baltimore west to more comfortable rain. we are not going to get big time dry air until maybe sunday. i expect to see the threat for storms, again tomorrow and even into our saturday. look at the steamy conditions, heat index values around 100 in norfolk and still a fairly unsettled pattern. this frontal boundary coming down will not clear the area. it'll stall out, as a stationary front. shift around and as it hangs around we will have the chance for storms to glare up. a focusing thing. the humidity across the east coast unbearable. the dew point numbers are surging and so it'll feel sticky tomorrow through the day with a chance for afternoon storms, both friday and saturday.
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overnight tonight down to 78, storms, late clearing and tomorrow, 95, more heat, more humidity, chance for more afternoon storms tomorrow night. maybe lingering storms, clearing late, seven day forecast, you know saturday looking like a day that could feature a few more storms, sunday looks dry and maybe a two day period sunday, monday where it gets less humid so that will be nice and then the chance for storms coming back tuesday into the first day of august. classic late summer pattern. >> less humid. >> for two days. >> two days. more abc 2news coming up. >> first a look at night line. >> coming up, with more and more americans renting everything from cars to furniture we asked, does it make more sense to rent instead of buy? and the coach of the new dream team tell us their game plan for olympic gold.
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that's coming up on night line. the car on the left was filled up with
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low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. . plenty of fish in the sea not as far as these two are concerned. they look pretty happy. couple of silver -- at the santa mona pier have no issues of showing a little pda. they kiss over and over again and -- followed each other. they tend to spawn in early summer but you knowhow they say, never to late. >> another one of those tapes. listen. this kitty would have a story to tell. he nearly lost a life when his plans to stick around a parking
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garage almost became permanent. he stepped in industrial strength glue. firefighters had to cut the kitten out and after that he was still covered glue. ace hardware gave them a list of chemicals to remove but that is -- let's give him a shortcut instead. >> hope it goes away. >> super glue. >> got him out. we have the potential for more storms to continue this evening. i thought we were going to the radar. here are the flash flood warnings that will continue through two. carroll, baltimore, and hartford and there is that outlook again right around 95, second half of the weekend. [ male announcer ] it would mean one billion dollars for maryland
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. stay safe. have a good night. parents this year i'm going to teach your kids
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